Hand Truck - BF6-1500

Hand Truck - BF6-1500



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This six-wheeled giant adds two, custom designed caster wheels to the BF4-1700 and allows the inflatables to tip back and maneuver on the back wheels for easy turning and transporting. With a weight capacity of 1500 pounds, this unit can handle the majority of inflatables on the market. This hand truck is ideal for drop sites requiring moving inflatable over hundreds of yards or soaking wet water slides and huge obstacle courses. The extra set of tires provides the user back and shoulder relief without sacrificing time and efficiency.

This Dolly makes tipping heavy inflatables possible with one person! The tires being off the ground allows the inflatable to tilt back to an angle that gives leverage to the operator. The heavy duty caster is CNC cut and welded in our facility. The caster is designed for the abuse that others simply are not.  Maneuvering this dolly is night and day over others because of a few simple changes in engineering. 


  • 1500 lbs capacity
  • Frame 22" x 61"
  • Axle width is 32"
  • Heavy Duty Casters for longevity and maneuverability
  • 6- 13" 4ply tires with a 450lbs weight capacity each
  • Sealed High-quality ball bearings
  • Weight- 125lbs

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